View Full Version : Is 75mm Sufficiently Wider Than 90mm On 4X5?

Mark Nowaczynski
3-Feb-2002, 11:10
My widest lens is 90mm. Sometimes this is not wide enough for interior shooting . Is 75mm sufficiently wider than 90mm (i.e. is it really that much wider?) or should I consider one of the ultrawides (55, 58, 65mm)? I use a Linhof Master Technika both hand-held as well as on a tripod. The wides t lens that can be cammed for hand-held use is a 75mm. Lenses from 55 to 65mm r equire a wide angle focus attachement.

David E. Rose
3-Feb-2002, 11:35
I my architectural work, I have found the 75mm to be the most frequently used lens for interiors. If used carefully, it does not exhibit as much wide angle stretch as the 65mm that I also use. There is a noticeable difference in perspective between the 90 and the 75- you would want to have both.

Stpephen Willlard
3-Feb-2002, 15:19
I do primarily landscape photography. I have the 65mm, 75mm, and the 90mm lenses and the difference between the 75mm and the 90mm is significant. However that difference between the 65mm and 75mm is not. Because of this I have just sold my 65mm lens. My most popular lens is the 75mm followed by my 120mm lens.

Myco Megasoid
4-Feb-2002, 17:34
I have the Nikkor-SW 90mm and 65mm lenses. I use my 65mm about 70% of the time for architecture. I tested a 75mm for my uses, and it wasn't wide enough. Besides, I like the forced perspective look. So, from this vantage, I recommend getting a 65mm. The Nikkor-SW, with a maximum aperture of f/4, is a lot easier to focus than those lenses with a max of f/5.6. The Nikkors are also more contrasty than the other brands, which is great by me.

My next 4x5 wide angle will be the Schneider Super-Angulon XL 47mm, which covers the format. There's no equivalent Nikkor lens.