View Full Version : Sinar Norma base rail question

Andrea Gazzoni
8-Feb-2010, 02:28
I have a chance to finally buy an 8x10 Norma.
The seller says that "Norma base rails have only one endcap that is like on the newer Sinars. The other endcap only is a plug. You can extend the base rail only on one side, not on both".

Is this information complete?
I was expecting a base rail with two end caps, extendable in two directions like my F1.

thank you

Steven Tribe
8-Feb-2010, 02:36
He is right. Under the flush black cap there is nothing but the empty tube.

Andrea Gazzoni
8-Feb-2010, 02:54
so this one is not a Norma rail? it seems just like my other black F1 rail with two "female" sides covered by caps.

8-Feb-2010, 03:39
both types of rail exist.
On my 4x5/5x7 norma. I have a base rail with a female thread on one side and nothing on the other. So i can only extend the rail from one side. I used to have another norma where I had a base rail with female threads on both sides. I've never had a problem with either rail although the rail with two female threads is slightly more practical.
By the way the 8x10 norma is such a cool camera. I'm for ever sad that I parted with mine.

8-Feb-2010, 05:37
My 4x5 Norma has the typical 12' Norma rail, extendable at one end only, plug at the other. The plug holds a sinar bellows extension ruler and hexagonal rod inside the hollow rail.

I have an 8x10 Norma with a later F1/P1 style 12" base rail extendable at both ends. It's probably more useful to be able to do this.

Did the style of the base rail change over the lifetime of the Norma?

With what length rails where the different formats of Norma originally issued? Are the base rails all 12" long for 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10?