View Full Version : Rodenstock Apo-SS 210/5.6 on 8x10?

3-Feb-2002, 08:59
I can't speak for the Apo-Sironar, but I've used a Fujinon W 210mm/5.6 on my 8x10 with excellent results. It offers plenty of movement and tack sharp images.

Bob Lessman
26-Mar-2002, 18:52
I am told by Jeff at Badger Graphic Sales that the Sironar S will definitely cover the 8X10 negative. The Sironar S is opticaly a fine lense. I asked because I am concerned that my recently acquired fujinon W 210/5.6 will not produce a big enough image circle. There are considerable varying reports on what the fujinon will cover. I am about to run some test exposures to fine out.