View Full Version : Calumet NX vs. Sinar A-1

frank miller
30-Nov-1998, 18:41
Hi, Looking to buy a new 45 for a university publications department. We'll probab ly be needing something good for location work that can handle a wide variety of assignments. So I guess I'm looking for the ubercamera that can do everything a nd is economically priced (aren't we all...) Does anyone know anything about the Calument 45NX? How does it compare to a Sinar A-1? Also, who makes Sinaron lenses? I can get a n A-1 kit... but since we have a 180 Schneider I'm really wondering if it is wor th the extra money to get a newer lens, etc. Thanks! Frank Miller fmiller4@buffalo.edu

Tom Ingrassia
30-Nov-1998, 23:14
I looked at both. I was suprised but thought that the nx was built a litter better than the sinar. The sinar has base tilt which i do not like. Actually, I just purchased a toyo 45c today for $999, the same price as the nx. I just like the way the toyo is built.

Ellis Vener
1-Dec-1998, 02:11
i like base tilt, but do not like the build of the Sinar A-1 or F1 or F2 cameras . The depth of field scale is very handy though. For basic usage I would go with the Calumet over the Sinar, although neither would be my prime choice. Check in to an Arca Swiss Discovery instead. As long as the glass and the shutter on the 180 are good you have no need to replace. Sinarons are specially picked and cali brated lenses made by Rodenstock. Spend the extra money on a good tripod and hea d.

mike rosenlof
1-Dec-1998, 11:56
I have had a Sinar A-1 for a few years now. It's OK. I'm not wildly thrilled with it, but it does the job.

I find the rise and fall movements quite sticky and difficult to adjust accurately, especially on the front. That's my only significant complaint about the thing. I'm getting more convinced all the time that I would prefer lens axis tilts, at least on the front.

It has an 18 inch rail, but due to the mounting construction, I can only get about 13 inches of bellows extension, which is adequate about 99% of the time. On the short end, I can use a 125mm with the normal bellows, movements focused at infinity are a bit tight, but usable.

All (most all?) Sinar back, bellows, or lens front accessories fit this camera. Rail accessories don't.

Rodenstock makes Sinaron lenses.

The A-1 has been discontinued for a while now.