View Full Version : Are there format markings on Ebony ground glass

5-Feb-2010, 21:34

I am trying to get information about the ground glass on an Ebony camera. I wish to know if in addition to the asymmetric focusing lines are there format lines ?

In considering the ground glass of a 4x5 Ebony are there lines for the border of the
4x5 format or the 6x12



Steve Hamley
6-Feb-2010, 04:53
Not on mine, just a grid.

Cheers, Steve

Jeffrey Sipress
6-Feb-2010, 10:04
same here.

Got a fine point sharpie?

6-Feb-2010, 16:23
Why not use pencil?
I'm thinking one of those .5 or .7 mechanical pencils would be less obtrusive than a sharpie.

6-Feb-2010, 17:42
The Horseman 4x5 FA screen has these markings but they are just little "L" things in the corner for 6x9, 6x7 and 6x12. These screens show up for sale occasionally and might fit.

6-Feb-2010, 23:51
The Horseman 6x12 back does not quite place the image on my EbonySW45 where you would expect. So I had to shoot an open newspaper on 6x12 leaving the camera in place. Then I marked the newspaper according to the negative and marked outside of the gg with a sharpie. Last step was to mark the inside of the gg with a pencil.
The area is smaller than 6x12 and off center.

7-Feb-2010, 02:57
I find it's easier and better for to make up some thin card masks.
Cut the format of choice on screen sized piece of card and clip on to the rear glass or you could secure with Blue Tac.
I works well for me, I don't like format marks on the 4x5 screen.

Paul O
7-Feb-2010, 03:49
I improvised a mask when I owned an Ebony 45SU - simply cut down a card 6x12 transparency mask to match the ground glass cover plate - this meant that it locked in place with the sliding tab.

7-Feb-2010, 04:57
I'd agree about the masks, far more useful than lines-

Aender once offered a set of Horseman masks for free,
and I was lucky enough to be the first to snap them up-

Somebody else asked for a scan of them...