View Full Version : Lens mount question

5-Feb-2010, 21:02
Well I picked up a nice Cambo Legend that came with everything except a lens and something to hold film. Thanks for everyones input and advice on Cambo cameras. I've been looking at lenses at KEH and found a Good deal on a Caltar II N 210 F5.6 but it says 42 mount -- My camera came with a copal 1 lens board and most lenses I've seen are listed by copal 0,1,2 and 3 -- How does mount 42 relate to copal sizes ?? I wanted to know if it would fit my Copal 1 board.
As far as a film back - I'm leaning toward a Polaroid 550 to use with some Fuji instant film to start out with - you know instant gratification / disappointment while I'm learning !

Gem Singer
5-Feb-2010, 21:10
KEH lists lenses and lens boards based on millimeter measurements. They don't always measure accurately.

Not to worry. That lens will fit on a Copal 1 lens board.

Glenn Thoreson
6-Feb-2010, 10:42
Copal 1 = 42mm