View Full Version : Lensboards for Busch Pressman

Dave Harvey
3-Feb-2002, 00:05
Does anyone know of a source for lensboards for a Busch Pressman 4X5 camera?

Gary Deal
3-Feb-2002, 05:43
I've had the same problem, they're weird, where can I get them - and when you ca n find them, they seem to run between $25 and $50 depending on condition (and the bottom end really is the *bottom end*). So I made my own. The first was painstakingly created from aluminum plate with s tuff like a hacksaw, file, sandpaper, and a compass with a blade stuck in it. Needless to say, this took a horribly long tim e. Later I started working with industrial engraving machines, and I was able to make another while management was on vacat ion. The use of actual power tools greatly sped the process. That was years ago. Now, I have my own machine and am getting the photo hardware back out again, and was considering that I should make a few more of them to a) Use on my Pressman, and b) Sell. At this point the project is only in concept stage, but I've done this before so it shouldn't be difficult. The pirmary problem will be lead time (and perhaps aluminum stock, I don't think I have the right th ickness on hand, but I may have brass), as I have lots of other projects in progress. If you're interested, email me and I'll set your email aside for when I get that project going (and yes, I'm afraid I'll have to charge for the things). Oh, and sorry for the wordy post...


Ed Buffaloe
3-Feb-2002, 09:32
While we're talking Busch Pressman, the bellows lining on mine has separated and hangs down into the viewing area. Anyone know if the standard bellows repair places will work on a Pressman?

Gary--I'd be interested in one of your lensboards too.