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Steve Hamley
4-Feb-2010, 19:05

I recently acquired a coated 14" Dallmeyer Anastigmat (jpeg attached) f:5.6 -f:64. It seems to be a Tessar type from the reflections, and I assume this is a late version of the aerial lens. The "flange" is a part of the barrel, and the barrel is finished in a wrinkle or rough black. The Vade Mecum thinks it's a Serrac type, which would also be a Tessar.

So has anyone used one like this and if so, what do you think of it? I'm hoping to shoot some with it this weekend.

Cheers, Steve

John Schneider
5-Feb-2010, 00:26
Hi Steve,

I would be curious to see what you find out this weekend. I just picked up an AM aerial version of the lens but haven't used it yet because I've been trying to take it apart for cleaning. It took two big strap wrenches to remove the front cell; there was no corrosion but either the threads were cut poorly or with insufficient clearance and galled (a little lapping compound on the threads fixed that nicely). I have not been able yet to remove the threaded element from the rear of the front cell, and I'd be curious to see if yours unscrews easily.

Jim Galli
5-Feb-2010, 00:54
Steve, not to cast any dispersions because I think they did a fantastic job on many of these, but it sure looks like some of the updates Burke & James was doing on these in the late '60's. I have it's close cousin, the unmarked (Cooke Aviar) version of the english aerial lens updated by B&J with coatings 14" f5.6. The crinkle paint and bright white lettering look like their touch.

Steve Hamley
5-Feb-2010, 02:57

Rear unscrews easily, front starts then binds so I haven't forced it since the glass is clean.


Thanks, I hadn't thought of that - but no B&J markings and the lens looks almost new except for some blotchy spots on the rear coating. I also wondered about the "gold star" on the beauty ring. I figured it meant coated like the Schneider "triangle" or some of the "yellow dot" lenses. Oh, and no AM markings either, that can be seen.

Did Dallmeyer ever use such a symbol?

Cheers, Steve

Dan Fromm
5-Feb-2010, 04:53
Steve, if P-H Pont's Dallmeyer chronology is right, y'r lens was made between 1951 and 1956, closer to '56 than to '51. By that time Dallmeyer was making lenses for civilians. There's no reason why yours has to have been made for MoD.

All of the coated Dallmeyer lenses I've seen were engraved DC, with the "C" half a line below the "D" and starting roughly in the middle of the "D", i.e., to the right of the D's vertical stroke. Your lens was made long after Dallmeyer started coating their lenses.



Steve Hamley
5-Feb-2010, 07:42
Thanks Dan,

Got a link to P-H Pont's chronology? I looked but didn't see it (assume operator error).

Cheers, Steve

Dan Fromm
5-Feb-2010, 08:46
Steve, you have to buy it. It is a booklet Les Chiffres Cles, acute accent on the e in cles.

FNAC has it. I got mine from Atlantica-Seguier. Google will find both of 'em.

FWIW, mine is the 3d edition. When I went shopping, FNAC had the 2nd, Atlantica-Seguier the 3d. So pay attention to what you order.