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Darius Scott
3-Feb-2010, 08:46
(Long time reader, first time poster)

I recently inhereted a Crown Graphic from my Grandfather, who passed away. I have been shooting with it and really enjoy the camera, and the connection to my grandfather.

However, I have had some trouble finding filters for it. I have been trying to find a filter set for the camera and haven't had any luck with the local shops (Albuquerque, NM). This morning, I found this on ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Graflex-Filter-Kit-with-Leather-Belt-Pouch_W0QQitemZ120525888379QQcmdZViewItemQQptZFilm_Cameras?hash=item1c0fe71b7b

Would that filter kit fit on the Crown Graphic?

I very much appreciate your comments. Thank you in advance.


3-Feb-2010, 08:56
I've got a similar kit for my speed graphic. The ring series number has to match what you're cameras lens needs. I put the filters in between the push-on ring and a retaining ring that screws in. I can even close the camera with the filter attached.

Post your lens details and someone could probably verifiy if it fits.

3-Feb-2010, 08:59
Darius the filter fit the lens not the camera, so it depends on the lens thread on the front of the lens.

So that might not fit your lens, you can use Cokin/Hitech etc holders and filters and just have an adapter for each lens/camera.


Darius Scott
3-Feb-2010, 09:20
I should have included that, sorry.

The Crown has a Kodak Ektar 127mm lens.

Thanks again.

Chauncey Walden
3-Feb-2010, 09:22
Darius, Camera and Darkroom has a good selection of series adapters stashed under the counter. Ask for them.

Darius Scott
3-Feb-2010, 09:27
Interesting. C&D was the first place I went and they said they didn't have any, nor did they know where to acquire them. I should to try again, being more specific. It seems to me that most camera shops now focus on digital and some of the employees may not know what they have as far as old analog stuff goes.

Roger Thoms
3-Feb-2010, 09:47
Here is another source, just got a filter from them for my Speed Graphic. Mine took a series 6 adapter which fits my 135mm Wollensak Raptar, 135mm Kodak Anastigmat, and 135mm Zeiss Tessar. The adapter was 7 usd and a yellow filter was 8 usd.



David Beal
3-Feb-2010, 12:57
Call Jim Andracki at Midwest Photo. If you tell him what your lens is he can find you a filter adapter from their incredibly large supply of used filters and adapters.

The Series VI was a filter which fit into a slip-on holder. An optional Series VI lens hood could be screwed on the front. If I recall, a 1.5 inch slip on filter perfectly fits the Wollensak 135 mm standard Crown Graphic Lens. Best to measure the outside diameter of the lens; either directly by using calipers, or indirectly, by wrapping a string around the lens, measuring the length of string required to make one loop around the lens, and dividing by 3.1416.

Midwest will also have "the usual suspects" in terms of filters: red, yellow, green, blue and UV or skylight.

Good shooting

/s/ David

tom thomas
3-Feb-2010, 14:03
Hi Darius,

I just checked the filter kit you mentioned on E-Bay. Photos make it look nice. As the others have mentioned, it's the adapter for the lens mount that's important. The seller mentions that the adapter is 1.5 inches on the lens mounting side and Series 6 for filters themselves.

Measure the diameter of the inner surface of your lens front. This adapter is pressure fit, slides in so no worry about matching threads. If yours is 1.5 inch, it does look like a good deal. The red (amber) and UV?(clear) filters look clear, not delaminated, just a bit dusty in his photos. This could be a good deal if you want a collection of filters for BW work.

I just bought a Graflex 2X3 Speed Graphic so I'm tempted myself with the set you mention. I need to hunt through my collection of old filters beforehand though. I'd won several pounds of new/old stock filters a couple years ago on E-Bay and marvelled at the size of some of them. I'm pretty sure I have some Series 6 in the bunch. Guess I'll dig out the box and check them out now.

Tom Thomas