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3-Feb-2010, 08:01
Hi everyone,

I just wonder what is the longest lens for 8x10 available?
Longest I heard of is the Nikkor 1200 f18.
The longest available through known online dealers seems to be the Schneider 1100mm f22.

Any additions?

Armin Seeholzer
3-Feb-2010, 08:30
I think the longest is the Apo Ronar 1760mm or somwhere around thad!


John Schneider
3-Feb-2010, 08:38
I think the longest is the Apo Ronar 1760mm or somwhere around that!


Or the comparable Goerz 70" Apo-Artar.

Robert Hughes
3-Feb-2010, 10:40

3-Feb-2010, 10:49
What's the image circle on that, Robert?

Robert Hughes
3-Feb-2010, 11:32
What's the image circle on that, Robert?
A quote from Astrophotograhy (http://encyclopedia.jrank.org/articles/pages/1115/Astrophotography.html):

"The focal surface can be much larger than any currently available solid-state detector. For example, the generation of 4-meters telescopes that were built in the 1970s and designed for traditional photography had fields of one degree (the full moon is a about half a degree), which were recorded on photographic plates 250 millimeters (10 inches) square."

So, an 8x10 wouldn't be so out of place here after all...

Michael Graves
3-Feb-2010, 12:19

Will it fit on my 6" square lensboard? What kind of tripod head do I need? How do I get my wife to carry THAT one?

3-Feb-2010, 12:57
Thanks, Robert!

Robert Hall
3-Feb-2010, 13:40
I have the Nikkor 1200. It is a T lens (telephoto) which makes it able to focus at infinity at about 32 inches (rough guess).

It's the equivalent of a 200mm on a 35mm camera and does quite a job of flattening out the scene. I have the 600mm as well as they are changeable back sides of the T lens. I love both of them and wish I could find and afford the 800mm that completes the set. The F stop guide on the front element (copal 3) has f stop guides for each lens. I believe my Canham 8x10 has about 36" of bellows.

There are of course the other mentioned longer lenses, probably once used as process lenses, but one would be limited by the bellows length and probably droop.

The longest lens I have for my 12x20 is a 35" artar. My bellows on that camera are 48"

Robert Hughes
3-Feb-2010, 14:36
What kind of tripod head do I need? I think you mount the camera on this lens, rather than vice versa... As for you wife, you can promise her the moon and stars! :)

Dan Fromm
3-Feb-2010, 14:57
The longest lens for 9x9 in my incomplete list of lenses flown by USAF is a 48"/8 Perkin Elmer. The longest lens for a larger format is another Perkin Elmer, 144"/8 for 18x36. Format sizes in inches, not cm.

Tom, I doubt you can lift either.

3-Feb-2010, 21:31
Thanks for the replies so far.

So I will save some new eBay searches, though I doubt that any other lens besides the nikkor will eventually show up.

Do you guys know any resources where one could buy the 1200 Nikkor or the 1200 or 1760 APO Ronar?

John Schneider
3-Feb-2010, 23:20

200" is the mirror diameter (f5.5). The focal length is 1100" or almost 28,000 mm. If the 1m Arca telescopic rail is $1800, how much would a 28m rail be?

4-Feb-2010, 02:46
@ Thomas,
you have a 600/800/1200 set on the big Market (auction 350310885516)

I use a 35" RD Artar..... witch 's long enough for me :-)

4-Feb-2010, 03:56
200" is the mirror diameter (f5.5). The focal length is 1100" or almost 28,000 mm. If the 1m Arca telescopic rail is $1800, how much would a 28m rail be?

all you would ever need in this case is an Arca 15mm rail for the back focusing. Even that would be too generous. The rest would be bellows support (a small diameter steel cable?) and a construction to hold the two standards on, like on the picture... :)

4-Feb-2010, 09:10
I think the bellows extension is already be incorperated into that "lens".

Len Middleton
4-Feb-2010, 13:54

Sure great for infinity, but what about macro work???!!!!! :D

With tongue firmly planted in cheek,


4-Feb-2010, 14:13
Thank you Len! I really needed a chuckle!

Robert Hughes
4-Feb-2010, 14:48

Sure great for infinity, but what about macro work???!!!!!
I suppose you could reverse the lens, and place your camera on the moon... :rolleyes:

Len Middleton
4-Feb-2010, 15:41

Ignoring the logistics issues, who do you know that would make and fold that bellows? :eek:

With tongue still in the previous position, firmly planted in cheek,


Asher Kelman
26-Nov-2011, 03:47
Anyone used an extension on a Chamonix 8x10 and what's the longest lens. I have several 600 mm lenses, 750mm and a 47.5" Red Dot Artar. Unfortunately, the 600 mm lens can only be used a tad less then infinity as the bellows only goes to ~ 680mm.

I seem to remember seeing somewhere that one could order a 40 cm extension together with a longer 8x10 bellows. Anyone can confirm that? That would allow a better range of focus at least for the 600 mm lenses.


Nathan Potter
26-Nov-2011, 09:39

Robert, as I recall that image of the 200" Palomar telescope is one of several views drawn by the amateur telescope genius from Vermont - I forget his name - but there was a hilltop telescope built by him near White River Junction that I visited once, many years ago. Quite a fellow as I remember it.

Nate Potter, Austin TX.