View Full Version : Questions for Sinar P or P2 5x7 users

2-Feb-2010, 22:57

Any Sinar P or P2 5x7 users out there ?

I have several questions for those actually using this particular setup



Mark Woods
3-Feb-2010, 10:06
I have one.

Ken Lee
3-Feb-2010, 13:38
Igor at Igor's Camera Exchange (http://igorcamera.com/sinar.htm) is very knowledgeable and helpful. He's the man.

Sinar shows specs for their P series cameras here: http://www.sinar.ch/en/products/cameras/151-sinar-p2

Sinar shows specs and part numbers for their P series accessories here: http://www.sinar.ch/en/products/accessories/61-sinar-grossformat-zubehoer

Note that on these cameras, the amount of shift is different from front to back. This is because when you place the larger back on an existing 4x5 camera, the rear needs to sit off-center, as it were, in order for the film to be centered with the front standard.

I have had a 5x7 "conversion kit" for several years, and have not noticed any limitations - but I'm not doing architectural photography. The kit is composed of a film back, frame, and bellows, but not a larger rear standard. It has all worked fine, and is very easy to change from one format to another.

If one were doing architectural photography, and needed every bit of movements, it might be better to get the larger rear standard, which will accommodate 8x10. I presume it is larger and heavier, so there would be a tradeoff there.

Richard Raymond
3-Feb-2010, 14:16
The larger rear standard is slightly heavier, but in the land of Sinar not by that much. :)
It does provide center points on the shift to identify centers for 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10.

3-Feb-2010, 14:36
As I set up my sinar P2 5x7 kit I was looking for advice regarding whether I should try to pick up a rear 8x10 special bearer.

I will only be doing 4x5 and 5x7, I shoot table top still lifes and landscapes near my car

I was wanting to know if those P and P2 5x7 users were happy with the standard 4x5 rear bearer, or wished they had the 8x10 version.

I was also looking for any additional advice based on your experience with the 5x7 P or P2 gear.



Ken Lee
3-Feb-2010, 15:20
I recommend you stick with what you have, and see if a need arises for more movements. It's a great setup, and a delight to make photos with it.