View Full Version : 12 inch Aero Ektar 2.8 shutter

2-Feb-2010, 21:58
I recently purchased this lens with a 5.5 inch diameter.

My lens board cannot exceed 9x9". The Packard shutters for this diameter will not fit in my 8x10.

I looked for a 8x10 focal plane shutter but can't find one anywhere.

To use it on regular BW, I was thinking about putting a very dark glass and manually exposing for a second.

Is there a better trick I could use to have a shutter for this or even simulate one?

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

Frank Bunnik
2-Feb-2010, 22:00
Mount it on a 4x5 Speed Graphic. It has a shutter in the camera.

Roger Thoms
2-Feb-2010, 22:29
You could front mount the Packard on the lens. I'm just about finished with a Packard front mount for a Pinkham Bi-Quality lens that belongs to a friend. I'll try and post pictures when it's complete. Here's a link for more info. http://mysite.verizon.net/fowler/photo/packard1.htm


Chauncey Walden
2-Feb-2010, 22:31
Unfortunately, the Speed Graphic has only a 4 inch lens board. The neutral density filter, slow film, and a manually covered/uncovered lens sounds like an easy way to go.

Carsten Wolff
3-Feb-2010, 10:00
But you can mount a Packard, or indeed the rear body (=shutter) of a butchered Speed-Graphic in front of your lens (as long as you can keep mechanical vignetting at bay...clear entry pupil diameter without barrel <=4"??)); I've recently done something similar with a 145mm f1.2.

Roger Thoms
7-Feb-2010, 22:47
OK, finally took a couple pictures of the front mount shutter board for the Packard shutter.


7-Feb-2010, 23:38
Wow Roger, that looks great!
How does it attach to the lens?

Roger Thoms
8-Feb-2010, 09:33
Thanks, it was a fun project. The shutter board is for a friends camera and Pinkham Bi-Quality lens. The camera was built using the hardware from a Burke and James camera, and has 8x10, 9x9, and 7x11 backs. Unfortunately I don't know the builder, but it is very nicely done. The last thing I have to do is come up with a filter system for using Rosco neutral density gels. Once that is done I'll post a couple photos of the shutter on the camera and maybe a photo taken with the set up.

Oh and to answer your question. The shutter board simply slips on the front of the lens. The mounting hole is lined with a self adhesive velvet material. I used a layer of bookbinding tape under the velvet as a shim as my bore turned out slightly big. The shutter is quite secure and I'm confident pointing the camera down at a pretty good angle. I have a project in mind that will require pointing the camera straight down. I may add two small lugs on the sides of the board so that it can be bungeed to the rise and fall knobs.


8-Feb-2010, 12:15
Thats what I thought.
Your design and finish is so handsome, it's a pity it faces the camera!