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2-Feb-2010, 19:45
my wife's grandmother left this camera to her when I opened it up I almost fell over:eek: . shutter works, aperature, minimal wear and tear on the leather. It does have some stuff in the lens .It has cleaned up beautifully is it poss to take this lens apart and clean the inside or just use it as a soft focus situation andy one with info would be great to hear from you thanx I am going to post pics

Jon Shiu
2-Feb-2010, 21:10
You can usually unscrew the front element with your fingers, and possibly the back also.


Steven Tribe
3-Feb-2010, 15:15
Looks nice. These were prized possesions at the time - it is the following generations that have mistreated them often. In spite of good storage, the mirror inside the brilliant viewer is quite likely at least dusty and sometimes non-functional.

3-Feb-2010, 15:16
Most of those lenses on these seem to be RRs. Could be fun on your 4x5.

3-Feb-2010, 18:51
It does come off. I would like to remove the dust or mold thats present there three little screws holding the back lens on maybe I can remove it and get att the stuff . I actually to some images with it today will see if it makes a difference good idea tto put on the 4x5 would have to make the lens board for it the viewer has a little problem but a swab put back to reasonable usage thanx

Michael Cienfuegos
3-Feb-2010, 21:12
Neat old camera, and I think that No. 1 Kodaks used 120 film. :)