View Full Version : Angulon vs. Super Angulon on 6x9 film?

Paulo K. Ogino A.
27-Dec-2001, 17:06
I'm planning to take architectural photos on 6x9 film, using a Sinar 4x5 camera. Will a 90mm Angulon f6.8 cover enough? I'll be doing a lot of perspective contr ol. I know Super Angulons are better suited for the task, but they are much more expensive. Area there any other alternatives?, any other focal lenght?


Bob Salomon
27-Dec-2001, 17:53
There is an Angulon 6.8 There are Super Angulon 5.6 and 8.0 lenses.

Exactly which are you asking about?

27-Dec-2001, 18:45

Paulo K. Ogino A.
27-Dec-2001, 18:56
I'm tlking about a 90mm Schneider Keruznach Angulon f6.8 Syncro- Compur lens. I've read some posts about it here but I need some specific info on using it with 6x9 film with perspective control.

27-Dec-2001, 19:16
Bob this reading comprehension problem that you have is not getting better. The poster specified the ANGULON 90/6.8 vs a Super Angulon - which is an f/8.0 vs the Super Angulon XL @f/5.6.

To the original poster: The 90/6.8 barely covers 4x5 with a published image circle of ~150mm - it should work well for 6x9 if you don't get too far off axis. If you're sticking with old inexpensive lenses you might try a Wollensak 4 3/8" extra wide angle, it's supposed to cover 5x7 (I've yet to use mine) - it's an f/12.5 though and may make you crazy trying to focus. You can get Nikkor 90/8.0 and Fuji 90/8.0 lenses at very reasonable prices (compared to the Super Angulons), they would probably be your best choices (IMHO).

27-Dec-2001, 19:23
Gotta catch my own brain f*rt before Bob does - yes Virginia there was a 90/5.6 Super Angulon (non XL), but the XL's have been around so long that I forgot. Have the last word Bob.

Walter Glover
27-Dec-2001, 19:27

Where did the late Mrs. Adams come into it?

Cheers, mate ... Walter

John Hicks
27-Dec-2001, 22:30
The Angulon will cover with some room for movement; however, imho image quality is pretty mediocre for such a comparatively (to 4x5) small neg. I've found the m odern 90 f6.8 Sironar-N and f8 Super Angulon, Nikkor and Fujinon lenses to be qu ite a bit better.

28-Dec-2001, 04:43
if the image circle of the old angulon is just 150, then you should consider a s econd hand schneider apo symmar 100 with is image circle of 145@f22, it's very sharp (lens displacements / 0 mm - vertical/horizon tal in 6x9=31/26) or a second hand schneider apo symmar 120 with is image circle of 179@f22, it's very sharp (lens displacements / 0 mm - vertical/horizontal in 6x9=51/44) IF YOU NEED MORE COVERAGE and weight is not a problem then take a current 90/4.5 or 5.6, otherwise the 90/8 from nikkon is a good alternative, but 8 it's dark for a 90 ! with the 90/8 from nikkon you can use your lens for 6x9 and 4x5 with mouvement a s well (around 230mm@22)!

Ted Brownlee`
28-Dec-2001, 14:59

The previous contributors have pretty much resolved the coverage of Angulon vs Super Angulon.

A 90mm lens on 6x9 is very close to a normal lens, is that what you're looking for? It seems to me that you would want wider coverage for architectural work. A 58mm lens on 6x9 is the approximate equivalent to 90mm on 4x5.

If you use a 58mm lens on 4x5, you will need a recessed lens board & bag bellows.

Ted Harris
30-Dec-2001, 10:13
Tehre are other issues, in addition to coverage, when you rae comparing the angulons and the super angulons. While excellent lenses for their time, IMHO the contrast of the suepr angulons is definitely superior to that of the angulon design.