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2-Feb-2010, 15:20
I have two of these Beseler 8x10 drums. I was reading over http://www.largeformatphotography.info/unicolor/. However, the interior of the two I have is smooth, not ribbed. Can they be used successfully to process 4x5 sheet film?

2-Feb-2010, 16:07
yes but there are divider tabs (one per tank) that need to be attached to the removable rib that slides lengthwise in the tank. I had to make mine. Do a google search and you should find my posts on this on apug.org and here as well.

7-Feb-2010, 19:33
I tried it today and it worked great. However, it was tough to get the inner sheet out of the drum. I swear it was welded to the inside of the drum! I tried getting my fingernail under the edge, but that wasn't possible. I eventually managed to slide it to the top and get it out. However, I'm afraid that is going to scratch the neg up... Any hints?

Ralph Miyashiro
9-Feb-2010, 15:48
I've read somewhere about cutting the business end off small zip ties then super glued to the inside of the smooth drum. I've never done this so don't know if it works. Something to consider.

7-Mar-2010, 00:53
ya know, after finding this post, I was inspired to take the 8x10 tank that came w/ the Beseler roller this last week from ebay, and use it. I was planning on saving for the jobo 3010, but I could not wait. I had a miserable first experience developing 4x5 w/ the Combi-Plan kit I picked up a few weeks ago.. and was determined to shoot and develop today to get use to shooting 4x5.

So.. i finished read this thread, opened the beseler 8x10 tank and managed to find away to get only 2 4x5 negs in to the tank that would behave. I just shoved them in at their longest end top and bottom to the tank, and it worked. One end was flush with the bottom horizontal inner lip, and the other end of the neg just rested in the horizontal groove at the top of the tank. Looked like it would work, so i gave it a shot.

It worked amazingly well! I was honestly shocked. I just let the tank spin back and forth on the beseler roller base for 9:30 for some 320txp in 1:1 xtol (400ml was how much fluid I guessed to use after a capacity test). Added a minute more than usual for developing, and it's a pretty balanced neg! Drove my wife insane all night with my happiness that I miraculously developed 2 negs of 4x5 today in a tired old 8x10 tank.

In the end.. I manufactured nothing fancy in the tank to get it to work. I shoved the negs in w/ the emulsion facing the core, made sure they didn't touch, and set the tank on the roller for each pass (added 1min for time for developer).. and it worked out fine. :)

8-Mar-2010, 16:54
Ain't it cool!