View Full Version : Pros and cons re. Imagon 250mm

david clark
28-Dec-2001, 01:21
Hi Armin,

Well, it's mounted in mod shutter & so you have standard speeds & they are reliable. It covers hi contrast scenes; it gives you a different "look" compared to "normal" lens - which I like. With the three accompanying disks you get a fair amount of fine tuning control on flair. You get a ND filter with it, and so you can shoot it wide open for more control. It's easy to get a 67mm filter on it & you get even more control. Good for portraits - flair control is great for blemish control. Good for water landscapes/sea-scapes I guess. But I can not advise you about how it compares with the Fuji SF, and the Fuji may be a better SF lens for all I know. I do have a Wollensak Series II, and the Imagon is probably the better buy? Best, David

Scott Walton
28-Dec-2001, 09:56
I absolutely love my Imagon. The bellows draw is a bit long but the depth of field is really good and the softening effect is beautiful. I use mine alot with my Linhof Tech III for portraits and landscape stuff. Highly recommend it. You will find many uses for it becaus you will love the look...a look that no filter will render! Cheers, Scott

David Flockhart
30-Dec-2001, 02:27
I sent a pdf from a scanned copy of the instruction set that came with my Imagon 250. Hope it helps.