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Bernard Kaye
1-Feb-2010, 12:13
Lens is on an ICA Reicka 305/? It is 10x 15cm. folding plate camera that is similar to an ICA Ideal: swing back, pop-on pop-off double cut film holder-ground glass viewing screen hood, front shift and rise and fall and rapid shutter/lens interchangeability, made before 1926 merger that resulted in Zeiss Ikon. The number after slash on leather strap is not legible.

Lens front bezel: Ica, Akt.- Ges.. Extra - Rapid - Aplanat . Novar 1: 6,8 F = 16.5 cm No. 158435.

Lens rear bezel:R 435

Aplanat or Novar?

Front fits in back of shutter; back fits in front of shutter. Image projected on ground glass is good with both front & back, longer focal length with only one and placed in back.

I opened it: it is symetrical but the lens elements are separated, not cemented together as I thought Aplanats and Rapid Rectilinears were. Were they cemented or separate?

I have four separate lenses, two for front, similar two for rear: Novars have three elements; Aplanats four but are not two in rear a cemented pair and similar two in front a cemented pair?

Shutter works, almost: it is compound type w/o saying so but does say "Ica" & "Akt.- Ges. Dresden; dial goes from 1 second to 1/100, B & T with an odd "C" between 1 second and B; no function at the "C."

There is some fungus spidering on one convex lens but it has to be looked for; sunlight and cleaning should halt it.

both front and back units opened like front of a Tessar.

What is it?

Since there are 599,894 members in this Forum, I am optimistic that at least 100 of you know.