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anthony marsh
30-Jan-2010, 21:49
I have bought a kodak no. 34 216mm 4.5 anastigmat lens in barrel,no shutter.what format would it be for ?It is in a metal lensboard the front is black,the rear behind the lensboard is brass with a diagonal slot with a peg for focussing.I thought it might be an enlarging lens but am not sure.Can anyone give me information?,tony

Oren Grad
30-Jan-2010, 22:15
It should be a good match to 5x7. The #32 (6 3/8") and #33 (7 1/2"), respectively, were often supplied as standard taking lenses with the 3.25x4.25 and 4x5 Graflexes.

I don't recognize the mounting you describe, though. Can you post a picture?

anthony marsh
30-Jan-2010, 23:25
Oren,I neglected to mention,the glass area measures 1 3/4 inches across,the total width 2 1/4 inches and I'm guessing, without a scale that it weighs about 1 pound,a rather heavy lens.The weight of the lensboard is probably 1/3 of the total weight,Tony

anthony marsh
30-Jan-2010, 23:38
Oren,a correction.I've removed the lensboard and think it's aluminum,only a few ounces,Tony

Bernard Kaye
3-Feb-2010, 14:37
Kodak Anastigmat No. 34 (8 1/2") or 216mm. recommended negative size is 5 x 8" per Kodak Lens Manual, copyright 1942. No. 33, 7 1/2" for 5 x 7", No. 32, 6 3/8" for 4 x 5".
Bernie Kaye

anthony marsh
4-Feb-2010, 18:59
Thanks for the information.Does this lens have any value and is it what is referred to as a REMBRANDT lens?Also is it worthwhile using it for general photography?

Scott Sharp
10-Feb-2010, 10:35
Would someone please post the entire list of the 30 series Kodak Anastigmat lenses, starting with the smallest to the largest, the focal length in inches, mm FL and recommended format?


Oren Grad
10-Feb-2010, 10:55
Seek on the LF Home Page and ye shall find:


These are more or less normal lenses, so recommended formats will be those for which the format diagonal is close to the respective focal length.

Scott Sharp
11-Feb-2010, 21:32
Found the list, thanks Oren.

Scott Sharp
11-Feb-2010, 22:32
The Kodak Anastigmat 30 series lenses and recommended formats:

No. 31 5 inch (140mm) recommended negative size: 3 x 4
No. 32 6 3/8 inch (161mm) recommended negative size: 4 x 5
No. 33 7 inch (190mm) recommended negative size: 5 x 7
No. 34 8 inch (216mm) recommended negative size: 5 x 8
No. 35 10 inch (254mm) recommended negative size: 6 x 8
No. 36 12 inch (304mm) recommended negative size: 8 x 10