View Full Version : Anyone know about a Conley view camera??

David L. DuPuy
7-Apr-1999, 10:37
Poking around in the darkroom where I work I found an old Conley 5x7 view camera . Does anyone know anything about the history of this brand? It's all wood, ev en with wooden plate holders, 5x7 with an insert so one can use 4x5 film. I pre sume it's from the 1920s or so? It has rear tilt and swing, and front rise. How did they fail to include a front tilt?? (I realize I can get a front tilt from those movements) Anyone know about this camera? thanks, David

Nancy Goldstein
19-May-1999, 22:08
I think I remember seeing the name in a reproduction Sears catalog from around 1906-08. Other than that, I can't help

John Hicks
20-May-1999, 01:42
The Conley cameras were American-made, I think up into the '40s. It was pretty c ommon to not have front tilt on many of those old cameras, partly I think becaus e the lenses didn't have a whole lot of coverage.