View Full Version : Chamonix iterations

30-Jan-2010, 00:59
Hello everyone,

I've noticed on the xitek forum that there were three versions of the Chamonix 8X10 camera.

810-A, 810-B, 810-C.

I'm guessing that the C means compact. What does the A and B stand for?

Gem Singer
30-Jan-2010, 05:54
Looking at the Chamonix website, it appears that the 8x10 is available in two kinds of woods.

However, both are the same design.

No mention of an A, B, or C version.

Perhaps A,B,and C denotes the type of wood the camera is made from?

Alan Rabe
30-Jan-2010, 06:32
I think the letter denotes the version for future refernce. Previous versions are not being made. So if you but one now it is version C.

30-Jan-2010, 10:00
Thanks Gem and Alan.