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Bob McCarthy
29-Jan-2010, 19:54
Alright I pulled the plug and bought my first 8x10. After 30 years of 4x5 I just wanted the experience of big film.

So I bought a used Sinar P. Camera is in decent shape, its not new but fine from first blush. Bad part is bellows is trash, tons of light leaks. Lots of tape, and still plenty of leaks.

I have a extra bellows with back that i can change out but it is the meter setup and the new to me P has the standard back.

A couple of quick questions, where to buy a bellows, Sinar or custom?

The P has a decent GG with fresnel, will the fresnel fit the meter back?

The extra 8x10 changing kit is for a P2, in addition to being much larger will it work with the P. I would just try but Im tired and figured there was a ton of local knowledge here.

Thanks in advance.


Richard Raymond
30-Jan-2010, 10:19
Change kits are usually in 3 parts: The bellows, the frame and the back. This will work on both P and P2 standards. The attachment is the same.
As for buying bellows, here and ebay, Igor Camera often has something.

Bob McCarthy
30-Jan-2010, 12:30
I've changed out the P2 8x10 kit for the original P frame/back/bellows.

Wow is the meter-back a bunch bigger, festooned with all sorts of unrecognizable parts that have never existed on any back I've owned.

Anyone have a manual? or can point me to one online.