View Full Version : What does the Kalart rangefinder arm attach to?

29-Jan-2010, 11:59
So when I got my Speed Graphic a couple of years ago, I thought I'd never want to use the Kalart rangefinder, so I removed it. A few seconds after I finished and saw all those pieces and little screws I thought "I'm gonna regret this", so I saved all the parts and put them away. Now, of course, I do regret it and I'm trying to re-attach the rangefinder, but I can't figure out one thing...How the heck does the arm that comes down from the rangefinder inside the camera attach to the cam on the bed?? Either I lost a piece, or it doesn't actually attach. I didn't see any wear, so maybe it just rests between those two grooves. Could this be right? I've been looking all over the web for a pic of this area of the camera, but can't find nothin'. :confused:

Thanks for your help,

Greg Lockrey
29-Jan-2010, 12:13
It "rides" on the inside of the cam.

29-Jan-2010, 12:38
Thank you, Greg.
Now to figure out which screws go where...