View Full Version : Lens to cover 16x20 format

Michael Legan
27-Dec-2001, 02:43
Thoughts, suggestions and recommendations on classic or modern lenses that will cover 16x20 format w modest movements for landscape photographer greatly appreci ated.

Kevin J. Kolosky
27-Dec-2001, 03:47
The longer Goerz Dagors have amazing covering power.


Natha Congdon
27-Dec-2001, 16:37
I believe about the only modern lens that will cover that format at infinity is the Fuji 600 F11.5C, which ought to be just a bit WA for that format. The IC is about 620 mm, just short of the 650 that I get from my back of the envelope calcs to cover 16X20, but I bet it will suffice. It covers my 12X20 with full movements, and I have heard of this lens being used on 20X24. A 19 inch Dagor will certainly cover (I have one), and probably anything 16 inches and up in the Dagor line will cover.

Good luck!


Jim Chinn
27-Dec-2001, 16:41
Check the archives at the bottom of the current list. One category is for ULF and banquet cameras. There are several threads there that may interest you. Also, I beleive the Wisner site has information on lenses for larger formats.

Stewart Ethier
28-Dec-2001, 02:45
I have a 16x20 and can confirm that the Fujinon 600 C covers the format with plenty of room to spare.