View Full Version : What model 4x5 Arca Swiss is this?

8x10 Masterview
28-Jan-2010, 02:09
I would've posted a pic but apparently e-Bay has made it impossible to copy some pictures. I won this camera while stupidly failing to ask any questions about it. Any information about this 4x5 Arca Swiss would be appreciated. e-Bay item # 230426604955

28-Jan-2010, 02:26
I think you did really well-

I used a camera like this in the late seventies, in college-
we had a choice of a sinar or an arca, and I always picked the arca-

I think you have a 'C' model, 'C' standing for centre tilt,
but better information will be along shortly-

Patrick Dixon
28-Jan-2010, 02:28
It's an Arca Model C with axis tilt. These seem to be called 'Pro' as well, but I'm not sure if that means anything.

Looks like a good buy.

If you do a search on here, you'll find some other threads with info.

8x10 Masterview
28-Jan-2010, 02:44
My mistake again--I should have done a search first. I found plenty of information regarding this Arca Swiss. Thanks for the input however, it's appreciated.........

28-Jan-2010, 03:47
If it's an axis-tilt it's a Model A.. . the same I have. The B is base-tilt and the C is combination (axis and base)

Frank Petronio
28-Jan-2010, 12:47
www.precisioncameraworks.com has a lot of Arca-Swiss info (and they service them, great people), since Arca-Swiss itself won't do a proper website for some strange reason (European arrogance I think).

28-Jan-2010, 13:52
(European arrogance I think).

Hey cool, you just insulted 731 million people in 50 countries. Isn't your name European?

Patrick Dixon
28-Jan-2010, 15:21
There is nothing wrong with being arrogant - so long as it's deserved.

Frank Petronio
28-Jan-2010, 15:43
No, I only insulted the arrogant ones.

I should have just explained the owners are French.


falth j
28-Jan-2010, 18:38
In france, there is a debate going on over who can declare themselves as being 'french'...

and along these lines some believe it won't be long until all residents are required to take a dna test, so they can say, 'will the real frenchmen stand up'.

29-Jan-2010, 01:58
No, I only insulted the arrogant ones.

Well, that statement could have been correct if you had written "arrogant Europeans", since we all know that you were referring to Arca Swiss management, and not all Europeans.

I should have just explained the owners are French.

Wow, it only gets better.

8x10 Masterview
29-Jan-2010, 03:41
OMG, what did I start? :eek:

Kirk Fry
29-Jan-2010, 19:47
The truth is that ARCA has had, bye and large, terrible factory customer support for years in the US. I don't think they actually think it matters. Mostly they make great stuff but if you need parts ebay is way faster than the factory. Keep heaping on the abuse. KFry (I own a "B" Model and love it.)

29-Jan-2010, 21:02
Back to the original topic: If you have a recent Calumet Focus catalog (this is no longer on the web site, they probably all sold out), you'll see that they were blowing out their used "student" 45NXII kits, with a camera, 210/6.8 Caltar, dark cloth, a couple holders, cable release and case for $700. You got an older but arguably better camera (or at least the equal of the 45NXII, and probably less abused than a student/rental camera), relatively equal lens, more holders, and filters for half the price. Not bad.

Frank Petronio
29-Jan-2010, 21:05

30-Jan-2010, 03:53
I agree that Arca Swiss really ought to establish a proper website and support network, and that the parts-situation is terrible. I would never buy an Arca product with the current situation, other than perhaps the Cube.

My point was that this has nothing to do with the rest of Europe, and arrogance is plentiful on both sides of the ocean.

neil poulsen
30-Jan-2010, 10:44
I have an older style, base-tilt 6x9 Arca. Comparing my 6x9 to a more recent 4x5 Classic F, I don't see that there's much difference in functionality.

It's probably a good idea to check out the seals when you receive your camera. That's one difference between the older and newer cameras; the former rely on foam seals to prevent stray light from reaching the film.

Looks like you got a phenomenal deal. Congrats.

8x10 Masterview
31-Jan-2010, 04:18
Thank you Neil, I'll do just that. Thanks to all who helped, It's appreciated! :)

9-Feb-2010, 08:31
Well, that statement could have been correct if you had written "arrogant Europeans", since we all know that you were referring to Arca Swiss management, and not all Europeans.

Wow, it only gets better.

Arca Swiss is a small company making excellent products. They are quite busy at
making these products. The Older cameras were very good but no where near the precision of the F-line and M line cameras. To be still viable in an age where many workers are moving to digital backs on view cameras they had to be far more precise.
Most of the view cameras in existence are not capable of producing sharp digital images with these backs. Precision Camera Repair in Chicago has PDFs of most products and I can answer many questions on Arca as i use them and teach LF photography at Scottsdale Community college. Rod

9-Feb-2010, 13:00
I don't think anyone questions the quality of their products. The issue is their refusal to have an internet presence.