View Full Version : Maxwell screen on a Chamonix 45N-1

Neil Smith
27-Jan-2010, 02:35
Can anybody give their experience of using a Maxwell screen on the Chamonix 45N-1. I would be interested to here what people thought, as regards to improving focus with wide lenses, brightness and any other thoughts they have.


Michael Rosenberg
27-Jan-2010, 15:56

I have had no problems with a Maxwell screen on my 45N-1. The gg side faces the lens. No problem focusing my 58XL - bright and contrasty, but notice it is not as bright for my 300M Nikkor.


27-Jan-2010, 19:17
Nope, works very very well. Much brighter and easier to focus.

Mark Fisher
27-Jan-2010, 20:26
just curious....how much does it cost? I'm considering one for my Tachihara

Neil Smith
28-Jan-2010, 05:09
Hi Mark

While researching the screens I spoke to a photographer here in the UK who kindly forwarded the email he had been sent from Bill Maxwell, the price quoted was $295 for the HI-LUX Brilliant Matte 4.7 focus screen and $395 for the HI-LUX Ultra Brilliant Matte 4.7 focus screen, but those prices were for a Chamonix 45N-1.