View Full Version : Sinar Boards New vs older Gray Ones and the Auto Shutter

Richard K.
25-Jan-2010, 19:38
Could someone please tell me if the older Gray/silver Sinar lens boards are any thinner than the current black variety. I couldn't get a current board installed into a Sinar Auto Shutter withiut removing the bottom holding clip first. I also notice that the bottom has a thin roll of rubber that the board is supposed to seat on. In my case it prevented insertion. Would the Gray Sinar board mount more easily? Could I cut out the rubber to allow attachment of the newer boards more easily or will that have an effect on the baffleing? Thank you!

Steven Tribe
26-Jan-2010, 03:19
I have both versions of the sinar/copal shutter and the rubber gasket inserts are/were on both vertical sides of the "board" side. On the reverse side - the side with the mounting clips - there are signs that there has been one similar gasket behind/below the bottom fixing clip. These have long since been removed! Probably because of the same problem you have. Clearance is very little. I am sure the light baffling function will be intact without this rubber - which has probably hardened up through the years. I don't have the grey/green norma board to check dimensions - but I suspect it is exactly the same as the thicknesses I measured were 4 and 5mm exactly on the later black sinar board.

Richard K.
26-Jan-2010, 10:29
Thanks Steve, very hepful. I'll rip out the rubber!