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anthony marsh
25-Jan-2010, 14:07
Hi,I'm a new member and would appreciate any help.I just bought a SEROCO(Sears Roebuck) 5x7 with three film holders.The problem is that it holds glass plates.Does anyone know if there is a way to adapt them to hold sheet film?

25-Jan-2010, 14:37
Way back when all the world was new, or at least sheet film was, one put the sheet of film in a "sheath", then that into the plate holder. I'll bet somebody here has some film sheaths of some sort, but quite possibly nobody has the ones you need- Not to worry, get a sheet of film and see how it fits [ or not] - perhaps it will fit if a cardbord shim is placed behind it to put the film emulsion in the same plane as the plate emulsion would be. Also , you may want to do a search regarding the "T" dimension and for checking the ground glass plane against holders, should you be forced to used newer film-style holders. Some foks even use double sided tape to hold ULF film in place.

anthony marsh
4-Feb-2010, 19:03
I have three film holders with the glass plates.Would it be possible to leave the glass in the holder and place the film against it?

Jim Noel
8-Feb-2010, 09:53
Rent, borrow, or buy a modern 5x7 holder and see how well it fits. I suspect it will work.
It may be a little more narrow and require a shim, but that is easy.
Leaving the glass in and placing the film against it would cause the film to be forward of the film plane by the thickness of the film.