View Full Version : Bausch and Lomb 10 inch EF off a magic lantern projector

25-Jan-2010, 11:18
I found a magic lantern projector cheap enough at an Antique show this weekend that I bought it just for the lenses, hoping it was a petzval or something interesting. It's a B&L lens with a rack-and-pinion drive, just labeled 10 inch E.F. It comes apart easily and inside is three elements, two simple curved elements on the front and back and in the middle a element that's concave on both side. What kind of lens design is this? I'm assuming not a Petzval at this point, but it does seem to give some nice swirly bokeh anyways.

Steven Tribe
25-Jan-2010, 11:33
This is the design that gradually replaced Petzvals in the 20th C. A triplet ( like Cooke's idea from the 1890's). B&L projection objectives often have distinctive nickel barrels.

25-Jan-2010, 11:53
It does have a Nickel barrel indeed. Thanks for the information!