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25-Jan-2010, 11:01
As of last Saturday I'm now the proud owner of a very nice Horseman LX, and I have a couple questions on it.

The main question is, how does one go about storing one? Right now it's sitting upside down on the top of a bookcase.

Is there a way to get an adapter that allows me to use the lensboard from my Speed Graphic on it? That way I could use that lens on either camera.

Finally is there a manual available online anywhere? I've looked some, but I haven't had any luck.

25-Jan-2010, 14:07
I think the lens boards are also Sinar sized. So you could search for a Sinar/Speed Graphic adapter board. Horseman made a Technica adapter and an adapter for their 8x8cm boards but from the info I have, they did not make a Speed Graphic adapter board.

Horseman made a carrying case for it, but a generic 4x5 monorail case would probably work.

SK Grimes should be able to make the adapter for you:

Richard Raymond
25-Jan-2010, 15:19
The lens boards for this camera are the same size as Sinar lens boards. Board adapters are available from $79 to $180 depending on where you buy. They can also be made for you by Richard Ritter or Grimes.

Storing the camera. Well it all depends on how you want to store it. The carriers and frames can quickly come off the rail and it can be stored unassembled in a relatively small space. I generally detach the bellows and rotate the frames parallel with the rail. This creates a relatively flat package that can be easily stored or carried. Or you can buy a generic large format case used or new from a number of places and store the camera fully assembled, upside down in the case. Lots of options depending on your preferences and style.

No manual that I have found. Have seen some being sold on eBay from time to time.

Lee Christopher
26-Jan-2010, 21:19
Hi Healyzh,

What Richard said about storage makes sense.

I use a traveling luggage suitcase which is huge, but allows me to store everything I need sans tripod in the case for a shoot. This acts both as a long-term storage case as well as a mobile shooting center.

As regards the manual, try contacting Ray Olsen who is the National Technical Manager of DSM in the US. DSM is the US agent for Horseman products. Even if you write to Japan like I did, you would likely receive a reply, albeit many months later, from the US agent.

Direct Source Marketing
1647 Willow Pass Road #327
Concord, Ca. 94520 U.S.A.
Ph / Fax 925-825-4795
Mobile 925-818-7530
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E-mail: tech-dsm@komamura.co.jp
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Web: http://www.dsmww.com

Hope this helps some.


26-Jan-2010, 22:19
I fold my standards parallel to the monorail, then put the camera into a 20x20x7" lighting equipment case sold by Dynalite, which I added custom cut high density foam (ground pads for camping) which holds it in place

28-Jan-2010, 15:19
I guess part of my concern with regards to storage is the compression of the bellows. I want to make sure I take as good of care of them as possible.

Richard Raymond
28-Jan-2010, 15:26
If you want to store the bellows compressed one of the easiest things to do is to use a scrungie like the one my daughter uses to keep her hair in a pony tail. Soft, inexpensive and the plastic frame on both ends of the bellows keeps the folding material in the middle from getting pinched. Another option is to find a deep CD case and store the bellows inside the case. The bellows are compressed and protected.

Richard Raymond
29-Jan-2010, 16:29
Just out and about and tried the bellows in one of my sandwich cooler bags (yes I ate the sandwich first and yes I dumped out the crumbs :) ). Fits perfectly. Therefore I suppose any of the plastic sandwich size storage containers would work as well. They come in various heights so even if you have a long bellows you should be able to find something. Wonder what they are going to say as I head for that grocery aisle with my kit?!!