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24-Jan-2010, 17:58
Hey everyone,

how are you? I'm a new member on this website. I am not a photograph, nor do I know anything about photography. I have a commercial center, in which I had a photograph who was renting one of my stores, and a couple of weeks ago he left me with all of his equipment in the store. I am now looking to sell his stuff but I do not know the value of most of his items, which include mainly lenses but also ancient cameras and photo equipment. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out with that. If someone can help me in any way (give me advice on how to sell, to who to sell, for how much to sell, etc.) I would be forever grateful!

P.S. I have 2 pdf files with pictures of all the equipment, 1 for lenses and cameras and the other for photolab and other photo equipment. I can send them to anyone who desires to help me.

Thank you all,


24-Jan-2010, 19:17

Where are these things located? You may be able to find someone locally who is familiar with pro gear and antique gear who would be willing to help in return for either a share in the proceeds or in trade for some amount of the gear.

A couple of alternatives would be to also access KEH.com and compare items they have for sale and the same on ebay in the section which shows items that are already sold. Either way will help you establish an approximate market value.


24-Jan-2010, 19:27
Hi Tim, I'm located in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.