View Full Version : 65mm F4.5 Sinaron W MC

Neil Smith
24-Jan-2010, 13:45
Can anybody tell me anything about the 65mm F4.5 Sinaron W MC lens, I have searched with little success but I think it is a Rodenstock lens?

I wanted to find out what the image circle was and what date they were first produced, and anything regarding peoples experience of this lens. There is one for sale but it is hard to judge if its worthwhile at the price as I can't find enough information.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help on this one.


John Schneider
24-Jan-2010, 14:06
Rodenstock 65mm Grandagon (or Grandagon-N, depending on vintage):

Arne Croell
24-Jan-2010, 14:14
Yes, its a Rodenstock, a Grandagon-N. Image circle is 170mm. Introduction of the Grandagon-N line was sometime in the 1980's, I think.

Neil Smith
25-Jan-2010, 07:15
Thanks for the replies and confirmation that it's a Rodenstock.

Has anybody used this lens and can give some insight into it's performance, I am looking to use a wide angle 65 on 4x5, both with sheet film and 6x12 back. I will be shooting both B/W and Colour Trany, would I need a centre filter with it.


Lee Christopher
26-Jan-2010, 21:42

I don't have or use a Roddie 65, but a Nikkor 65 f/4 which is probably similar with a similar image circle.

While I'm no expert on lenses, I can share that focusing with one can be a painful experience.

If budgets allow, get a custom made screen just for the ultra wide angle, and also one of them special loupes (Silverstri?) which allows you to peek into the corners of the GG more easily.

Movement on 4x5 is scarce, but made better with closing down.

On 6x12, which I was told it was designed for, it's really nice to use and there is very little worry of vignetting.

I don't use a center filter on my 65 because I quite like the vignetting on 4x5. On 6x12 I've not encountered vignetting yet, despite moving the lens quite a bit, but perhaps I haven't moved it that much yet.

I figure you need a center filter for 4x5 if the vignetting bothers you, but not for 6x12.

Mark Stahlke
26-Jan-2010, 22:39
I have an APO-Grandagon 55/4.5 and a Caltar II-N (Grandagon-N) 75/4.5. Both are outstanding lenses. You should get excellent performance from your 65/4.5. As noted, there is not a lot of room for movements on 4x5, but that's the nature of ultra-wide angle lenses.

I use a center filter with the 55mm but I haven't felt the need for one on the 75mm. If I had a 65mm, I would probably use a CF. No doubt other folks will have other opinions.

Neil Smith
29-Jan-2010, 05:45
Thanks for the information very grateful to you.