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24-Dec-2001, 18:37
First of all Merry Christmas to all. I have a Wista SP and use it with a 90/8 Super Angulon. With this lens, I cannot rise enough to correct perspective as the bellows are too compressed. I would t ry to avoid expensive bag bellows in favour of a recessed board. I have tried th e Linhof recessed board but sis not fit on the Wista, doe anybody know if Wista makes one special board for this purpose. Thanks Roberto

Bob Salomon
24-Dec-2001, 19:25
You use the Linhof 001016 lensboard.

David E. Rose
24-Dec-2001, 19:49
Another possibility is to have a flat Wista board drilled with the hole off center (higher than normal). I use the bag bellows- it's great and wasn't that expensive on Ebay- $175 if I remember correctly.

Jeff Scott
24-Dec-2001, 20:18
I used to have a Wista 45VX, virtually identical to yours except for no microdrive swings on the back. The Linhof recessed board does in fact work well with this camera as I also used a 90/8 SA lens on the recessed board with the 45VX; try it again. Why do you say it does not fit?

25-Dec-2001, 05:39
Jeffrey, I use to have one for Linhof but did not fit. A few months have passed and can't exactly remember if it was because the protruding part did not enter the hole or because of the offset position. I guess it was the wrong model! But it seems that a Linhof board do exists indeed. I will check at a local shop Thank you

Bob Salomon
25-Dec-2001, 09:46
Notice I was very specifc.


There are many others + the ones from the III.

You need 001016. They so not have the model marked on them.

25-Dec-2001, 11:26
Bob, thanks for your precision . I don't know anything about Linhof boards. When I bought the 90SA it was already fitted on a recessed Linhof board but although external dimensions were OK the recessed part did not enter the hole in the metal ring fitted in the bellows. That is why I thought Linhof boards were not OK. Thank you for the information. Seasons greetings

Bob Salomon
25-Dec-2001, 12:05
Wista also makes a new wide angle bellows that screws into the back of a special recessed Wista board that fits the Technical cameras and the SW cameras. The board is 214544 and the bellows for it is 4541A. It can not be used wthout that bellow nor can the bellows be attached without that lens board.

Chris Ellinger
2-Jan-2002, 10:41
If you do buy a bag bellows, get the type 4541A mentioned above. It can be used with a flat lens board as well as with the special wide angle board type 214544. Your 90mm lens will work with a flat lens board. Shorter lenses will require a "recessed" lens board, but the Wista wide angle board is much better than the traditional recessed board, as it allows full access to the shutter and the use of a standard cable release.

jarrod connerty
20-Nov-2003, 12:06
Old thread but worth noting; the 4541A bag bellows CAN be used with regular flat lensboards. The bag bellows will either mount where the regular bellows would attach to the front standard, or it can be screwed into the rear of the 214544 lensboard which is then attached to the front standard where the bellows would've normally been attached. I use the 4541A bag bellows regularly with and without the 214544 lensboard(which is exclusively for Copal 0). If you have a Copal 1 shutter in a wideangle lens with enormous coverage, such as Schneider's 110mm Super-Symmar or the Rodenstock/Caltar 115mm, getting the bag bellows is an enormous help.