View Full Version : Advice on a portrait lens for my Toyo45

Ramiro Elena
23-Jan-2010, 17:45
I am about to go blind after spending a couple days between this forum and Camera Eccentric's catalogs.

I am basically looking for a pictorial portrait lens (or one that I can use for portraits).
I am looking at 7 to 9inch different brands, Wollensak Verito, Wollensak Anastigmat series II, Raptars, Goerz, different Pentac, Serrac, Dallon Dallmeyers...
It would be nice to find one in a shutter.

Anyway, I have seen lots of telephoto lenses and I wonder if they're suited for portraiture. Catalogs say they are but I would like to get something that yields a nice difused feel.
I found a nice Wollensak 8" f/5.6 Raptar Telephoto with a shutter but specs say it doesn't cover 4x5... or would it without movements and close portrait?

Or maybe pass on the telephotos alltogether?

Gem Singer
23-Jan-2010, 18:00
Pass on the telephoto lenses.

They tend to flatten facial features when used for portraiture.

Look for a nice Heliar in a 200-300mm focal length.