View Full Version : Thickness of Toyo Rollfilm holders

Glenn Kroeger
31-Jan-2002, 17:47
Several people have discussed the pros and cons of the Toyo Rollfilm holders tha t can be inserted under some groundglass backs. Can anybody who actually has one , measure the thickness of the part that goes under the groundglass. Toyo lists the thickness as 48mm, but I suspect this includes the extra thickness of the ho using around the takeup spool. Thanks

Jeffrey Goggin
1-Feb-2002, 19:12
I just measured mine -- 6x7 and 6x9 designed to be used with the baby Graflex mount and not the larger 4x5 versions -- and can confirm that the portion that slides under the ground-glass is indeed 1.5" thick.

And Yes, in my experience, these are the two best rollfilm backs I've used to date. They are also the largest and heaviest, too. :^(