View Full Version : Cable release for Betax #2 Shutter?

Kevin Crisp
24-Dec-2001, 14:39
I just picked up another old lens. It looks like a proper shutter release could be a cable with a fairly long throw and a cup on the end that screws into the s hutter. Any help on where to get one would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Doug Paramore
25-Dec-2001, 11:23
Kevin: I took my old Betax to the camera store and tried several until I found one with a long enough stroke to cock and trip the shutter. Forget the lightweight release cables. They won't last until you get home on the Betax. Incidentally, I have two of these shutters. The one I am using has an internal socket plus the outside threads. Check yours out. The other one of mine does not, and I have not found a release. You may be able to rig up an outside release on the lens board if yours does not have the internal threads. Also, a well equipped camera repair shop may be able to cut internal threads for you if needed. I'm sure Steve Grimes could do such work.

Merry Christmas,

Steve Artz
26-Dec-2001, 13:53
The outside thread accepted a DeGroff air-release cannister for a bulb-type release system. It will be hard to find.

Kevin Crisp
26-Dec-2001, 14:26
It doesn't have an outside thread, it looks like I need something to screw into it, but the actuating end needs to be (instead of a pole) a cup shaped something to match up with the stick inside the shutter.