View Full Version : What Is This Filter Thingy?

neil poulsen
21-Jan-2010, 17:16
Hi. Does anyone recognize this filter thingy? At least, I think it's related to filters, and I believe it's Horseman? But, I'm not sure. (Please see jpgs.)


Don Wilkes
22-Jan-2010, 12:41
It is hard to tell without seeing how big it is, etc, but could it be the filter drawer for an enlarger? It vaguely reminds me of the one for my small-format Durst.

Len Middleton
22-Jan-2010, 13:42

What is the open area of the glass section?

Without knowing the scale of it, it almost looks like an enlarger negative carrier or as Don mentioned a filter drawer piece.

A little mor einformation please,