View Full Version : 360/5.5 TELE-XENAR

grant wilson
31-Jan-2002, 05:35

I am thinking about adding a 360/5.5 tele-xenar for use with my wista 4x5 wooden field camera & was looking for opinions from forum members on this lens.

I have seen this lens offered with & without a shutter, I am trying to keep cost s down do you think one could get by using this lens without a shutter.

Thx Grant Wilson

Enrique Vila
31-Jan-2002, 09:16
Never used the 360, but I own the TeleXenar 240 and I can't be more happy with it.

Scott Walton
31-Jan-2002, 09:45
I love my 360!!! Use it now more than I thought on my Linhof III. I do have it in an old compound shutter that after I cleaned and lubed it, it's flawless. If you use fast films, I wouldn't scimp on a shutterless one but that is my opinion. I'm usually shooting at f16-f22 so my shutter speeds are faster than I would be able to do without a shutter and have consistency... Just a thought. Cheers

grant wilson
31-Jan-2002, 10:32
Enrique, Scott,

Replies most appreciated!

I would be shooting landscape, with provia F mostly, ideally I would like to have a shutter, then for speeds faster than a couple of seconds life would be easier for sure, Iam happy that results from the 360/5.5 shutter or not are acceptable!


Georges Pelpel
31-Jan-2002, 12:35
I used to own one and just sold it to move to the Nikon t-360. The Tele-Xenar is very nice, not as sharp as the Nikon but still sharp. Mine had a Copal #3 shutter and sold at about $380 which was what I paid for it couple years ago. Look around they usually come by on e-bay.

31-Jan-2002, 13:50
Not as sharp as the Nikon? I'm surprised. I wonder how the Nikon compares to the 400/5.6 HM?