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21-Jan-2010, 10:15
Can any one direct me to a supplier of parts for fidelity 4x5 holders. Canada would be a bonus. I need a slide for a deluxe.
Greatest of Thanks,

Robert Hughes
21-Jan-2010, 10:24
eBay is your cheapest film holder supplier. Duh! :p

21-Jan-2010, 10:48
thanks Robert: I just need a slide for a new fidelity deluxe holder.

21-Jan-2010, 11:03
calumet own(ed) them and sells what replacement slides.

al olson
21-Jan-2010, 11:05
As Robert suggests, the cheapest approach would be to buy a used holder on ebay. Then throw away the holder but keep a dark slide. Or better, put the holder and the other dark slide in your parts inventory.:)

21-Jan-2010, 11:24
As Al said... You can probably find a complete holder in nice condition for what one dark slide will cost... or just a little bit more. Then you'll have an extra slide plus other spare parts. :)

22-Jan-2010, 10:55
Your a Gentleman for answering my question. Thank-you.

Robert Hughes
22-Jan-2010, 11:54
"The rest of you can go suck rocks!" :p

22-Jan-2010, 12:24
"The rest of you can go suck rocks!" :p

That's better than being married again!! ;) :D