View Full Version : DBI and the ZoneVI safe light

R. McDonald
24-Dec-2001, 02:30
I'm in the process of building a New Darkroom (yes I'm coming out of the basemen t and onto the Main Level) and nobody can do a Damn thing about it, I'm a man on a mission! And I want Modern Equipment! Yes, I have already confirmed that th e Stainless sink and the New Besslers and new light sources did not improve my f inished product but it's a lot more enjoyable and more comfortable. Please tell me that's worth something! I have purchased the Zone VI Duo Lights. I just re minded myself that I use an old EK Safe light with the Dark Green filter, for De velopment by Inspection. I realize the color is for ease of viewing, but I'm wo ndering if any of you have made this change? Will I be sorry? Do I need to kee p the Old ugly EK Light? Your experience will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


24-Dec-2001, 11:05
Never throw anything away -- you will need it next week.

Jorge Gasteazoro
24-Dec-2001, 11:12
RL you wont be sorry, I love this light it bright and my fog tests show it was indeed safe...:-)) But you will still need the green one for inspection.....cheers and good health.

24-Dec-2001, 13:06
If you know the proper wavelength, and if you are handy with electronics, you may be able to build an LED version.