View Full Version : New lightweight Toyo 45CF?

Lars Åke Vinberg
31-Jan-2002, 13:28
Looks like a 4x5 field camera, stainless & composite plastic, 1.55 kg


tim atherton
31-Jan-2002, 14:02
actually here http://www.dito.se/toyo.html if you dont speak Swedish....

S Ratzlaff
31-Jan-2002, 14:22
Also, look here for the manufacturer's site (in Japanese).


Erik Sundstrom
31-Jan-2002, 18:25
I looked and tried it at the camera store for a while, actually the same store that ?ke is refering to, and found it quite flimsy. To the camera's apology I'm not very used with field cameras, am used with Sinar C and the two cameras are offcourse playing in different divisions targeted to different needs.

The best with the Toyo 45CF was it's weight, only 1,5 kg. It felt like I could use it without any tripod with a sport-finder... The store wanted 15.000 SEK (~$1.400 US) for it and I sad "no thanks". I save the money for something else, something more rigid and something more nicer to hold on instead of the plastic feeling of the 45CF.


Thomas Chua
7-Jul-2002, 06:34
You get the 45CF for a less.