View Full Version : Wista/Linhof and Symmar 240???

20-Jan-2010, 12:32
Hello everyone!

I have a problem with mounting a APO-Symmar 5,6 240 on my Wista 4x5”. The Copal 3 shutter that i use with the lens is just too big!!. When trying to use the front tilt, it will hit the front standard, and using aperture 32 and up is not possible because the front standard gets in the way.
If i could find a lensboard that was “reverse recessed” it might help me.
What are you guys dooing out there with your Wista and Linhof’s???. Using smaller lenses???.
Please help me here!


20-Jan-2010, 12:40
I went through the same thing with my Tech III. I had to sell the 240 and get a Fuji 210.
It turned out to be a fantastic lens.
It's a reminder that some parts were not made to work together. Maybe the "reverse recess" is possible, but I never got that far.
Good luck!

20-Jan-2010, 13:37
Hello Ari

So you use a smaller lens ;-). Well, i was hoping for a different answer!!. Does anyone know if there is a recessed lensboard in size 3??. You could just turn it around?


20-Jan-2010, 16:42
My Fuji 250/6.3 in a Copal #1 works just fine on my Zone VI (4"x4" lens board) and Technika V.

A Tophat (reverse recessed) board might work. The resulting moment arm may overpower the front standard.

David Vik
20-Jan-2010, 23:51
I have a 9.5 inch (241mm) F9 Goerz Red Dot Artar in a Compur shutter that is slightly smaller than a Copal 1. It works fine on my Wista 45RF, and I can close the camera with the lens mounted.

D Vik