View Full Version : Horseman 80x80cm 25653 Lens Panel for Apo Sironar S 210mm F5.6

Kevin Thomas
19-Jan-2010, 14:36
Does anyone have any knowledge of the special Horseman 25653 Lens Panel to mount a Apo-Sironar S 210mm on a FA45? I am presume it must be a top hat affair to put the rear element of the lens in front of the panel to allow more movements.

More hopefully would anyone know where I could pick up a used one?

Richard Wasserman
19-Jan-2010, 16:01
I have an FA and needed to use an extended board to mount a 210mm Xenar so the shutter controls would clear the camera and be accessible. I used this:


The quality is excellent and shipping was quick. I hope this helps. BTW, a 210 Sironar–S seems a bit large and overkill for this petite camera?

19-Jan-2010, 20:40
I checked my 1991 Horseman catalog for a picture and that one is not listed.

Kevin Thomas
20-Jan-2010, 07:51
Hi Richard,

Thank you for the information, very useful as the set is half the price of the Horseman panel in the UK and it is reassuring to hear that the build quality is excellent.

You are right the lens is a bit of a monster, my step into LF was done entirely with online purchases with very little knowledge other than what I have picked up on this forum. All my lenses were bought with one eye on the Horseman FA compatibility chart and an impression built up about a particular lens from reading various threads. So the first time I set eyes on any piece of kit was when I opened the box.

Add to this I bought all my lenses on Ebay and I personally believe the point of buying through auction is to pay significantly less than in a shop so I am often out bid. On the plus side as with this lens in particular I won it for a good price that surprised me and shocked the seller.

Thanks Ice-racer for looking for a picture.

Richard Wasserman
20-Jan-2010, 09:25

It's a great lens. I'm sure you'll enjoy it and you'll never outgrow it, even if you migrate to larger formats. Have you used the FA yet? I've had mine about 6 months, and the more I use it the more I like it. It's a gem of a camera!

Kevin Thomas
20-Jan-2010, 15:12
Hi Richard,

I absolutely agree with you about the FA - yes, I have used and I have found it perfect to step into LF with especially for getting about with and it's ease of set-up. I also like the fact it is part of a system with a range of accessories that extends it's versatility further.

Apologies to ic-racer for getting your name wrong in my last post.