View Full Version : Southern/Central Cali; Where to Shoot When the Rain Subsides

J Ney
19-Jan-2010, 11:03
The rain has picked up again here in Ventura county and it seems like we're fixing to get hammered with rain for the week (out here, this amount of rain will turn into the local news-story of the year)! So the creeks should be at a good stage and the mountains should be nicely capped.

The forecast shows clear days on Saturday/Sunday and I was wondering where other folks typically head after a good batch of rain like this??

For me, it is usually the Sespe or Mt. Pinos area in Los Padres NF or maybe even the Carrizo Plains (assuming my 4x4 doesn't get stuck), but I'm always looking for new, remote areas to shoot.

Would love to hear areas that others may be headed after all this rain.

19-Jan-2010, 11:17
Get yourself up to Yosemite if you can! Los Padres is good as well as some areas in the Angeles National Forest, such as Sawmill Canyon.

19-Jan-2010, 11:46
All the rain bodes well for a great wildflower season!

19-Jan-2010, 12:11
angeles national forest (hwy 2 areas) may be open to traffic but it'll likely be closed to activity. if you get out of your car, the cops ask you to get a move on. check caltrans for closure info.

Mt. pinos area is where I'll be heading I think. The road that goes past that area was great after snowfall last year. Also, solvang and buellton areas are great this time of year with lots of fog early in the day. I go every year in March.

Drew Wiley
19-Jan-2010, 12:11
Carrizo might be magnificent this year once it warms up enough for the flowers to start. Main dirt road thru is open all year, no problem. Only the side roads will get you
stuck (even in 4WD). But even north of there there's some wonderful country on all
the little roads leading toward Paso Robles. Even up here in the Bay area it's wonderful
green all over the hills, with the mustard flowers already started, though horribly mucky
on the trails. Carrizo gets some wonderful cloud formations over the lake in March,
though the last time I tried that, I was happy to also have the 6x7 with me due to the

John Kasaian
19-Jan-2010, 14:58
Driving back from Colorado last week, the snowy San Bernardinos looked might fine in the distance. This February should be great for wildflowers in the Tehachipis and coast range.
I'm heading up to Yosemite tomorrow if I can get some holders loaded tonight and the roads are open! :)

19-Jan-2010, 15:07
I'm headed to Carrisa Plain to see if Soda Lake will be "full"

19-Jan-2010, 16:52
Frazier Park now has snow.

Jim Fitzgerald
19-Jan-2010, 18:53
I came back from Yosemite last night. Wish I could have stayed but the work thing always gets in the way. It was raining in the valley when my son and I left about 11 AM. Snow at the higher elevations. The forecast is for snow all week and heavy on Wednesday. I would go up Saturday morning if I could. Chains and highway 140 out of Merced should be open.


J Ney
19-Jan-2010, 22:39
Great input... I hadn't considered Yosemite but I think I'll give it a go if I can get the logistics squared away. Probably too early for Horsetail Falls, huh?

Good input on Angeles NF... admittedly I haven't shot there much at all but it seems like there is alot up there to explore (as long as I can get away from the crowds). If I can't make it to Yosemite or Angeles, then I'll likely be up in Mt. Pinos / Pine Mountain Club / Carrizo Plains area with some of you. I'll be in the black Chevy pick-up with a "star of life" decal in the driver-side rear windshield and a german shepherd decal on the passenger side.

J Ney
19-Jan-2010, 23:09
I'm headed to Carrisa Plain to see if Soda Lake will be "full"

I was out there last weekend (before all the rain) and Soda Lake definitely seemed dry but some of the smaller lake beds south of it had a decent amount of water in them (note iPhone pic attached).

I'm betting it will be great this weekend regardless!


21-Jan-2010, 01:39
I actually went down to the harbor/ cstreet pier yesterday to shoot a little bit and it was gorgeous for it. only had the MF but kind of wanted the LF for the harbor/rivermouth area. lots of clouds and huge waves.

21-Jan-2010, 13:21
I think we're in storm #4 now. I-5 is closed by snow and high winds over the grapevine, and I'm wondering if "Lake Monolith" will re-appear east of Tehachapi this season

23-Jan-2010, 14:19
This morning on Carrisa Plain- clear blue sky, real Soda LAKE, snowcapped hills on the east side, muddy side roads.