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19-Jan-2010, 10:33
I'm wondering if my 355mm G Claron is a Dagor or plasmat configuration. Serial # is 1171xxxx , 1971 or 72. Anyone know what year they changed? Also have a 305mm #1061xxxx. Both barrels... I think the 355 fits directly in a Copal 3, what shutter do I need for the 305? Thanks for the help. Bill

19-Jan-2010, 10:36
My 305 is in a Copal 1

Jan Pedersen
19-Jan-2010, 13:07
Count the reflections, two strong and two weak reflections front and back will be a Dagor design

19-Jan-2010, 14:06
Your 355mm is in all likelihood a Plasmat; Schneider probably never made a Dagor-type 355 G-Claron. But as Jan says, count the reflections.

Your 305 is most likely a Dagor-type, as such it fits in a Compur 2 shutter.


Peter K
19-Jan-2010, 16:32
Your 305 is most likely a Dagor-type, as such it fits in a Compur 2 shutter.
There was also a G-Claron 305 for the Compur electronic 3 aviable.

19-Jan-2010, 19:57
As Jan said, the 305 displays, very clearly, two strong and two weak reflections on each side. Claes apparently knows his "stuff", because the 355 has a different reflection sequence not like the 305.... However, I then looked at my 9 1/2" Dagor which SEEMS to have the "305" sequence but not at all with the same clarity and evenness. Perhaps because it isn,t coated? Should all Dagor formula lenses display reflections in the same manner? Thanks all, Bill

Jan Pedersen
19-Jan-2010, 20:17
Bill, All Dagor's have 3 cemented elements in front and 3 cemented elements behind the iris and/or the shutter so the reflections will always be the same no matter who made the lens. Not all can call it a Dagor though.
I have a 240 G-Claron in the 11,7xxxx range of serial numbers which also is of the Dagor design. I believe after reading many threads that Schneider changed to the Plasmat design at 12,xxxx

Jan Pedersen
19-Jan-2010, 20:26
After re-reading your post i became curious and had to check reflections.
The reflections in the 240 G-Claron are completely identical to those in a 240 gold dot Dagor so it could perhpaps have something to do with your uncoated Dagor that you see a difference.

Jan Pedersen
19-Jan-2010, 20:56
Not to get of topic but since Schneider also made the Angulon which have similar reflections (Reverse Dagor) Did anyone ever check to see if the old G-Claron which we think is a Dagor design in fact could be an Angulon design?

20-Jan-2010, 02:43
Jan, compare the design of the Angulon, the early G-Claron and the Gold Dot Dagor in these documents. The early G-Claron is a variation of the Dagor layout.




Jan Pedersen
20-Jan-2010, 06:57
Claes, i don't see the prospect for the old G-Glaron, there's one 240 but it has a 52mm filter thread. The old Dagor design lens has a 47mm filter thread. In addition, the lens shown has an airspaced cell in the center (Combined lens) both front and rear. This would make 4 strong and two faint reflections.

20-Jan-2010, 07:13
There may be a problem with the links I’ve posted.

Go to http://www.schneiderkreuznach.com/archiv/archiv.htm and download G-Claron, Objektive für Büro-Kopiergräte (9/76)

On page 2 there is a schematic drawing of the Dagor-type G-Claron, as well as the specs for the different lenses in the family.

Jan Pedersen
20-Jan-2010, 11:14
Agree it looks more like a Dagor than the Angulon.