View Full Version : Backpack for Cambo 810

19-Jan-2010, 08:00
Hi everyone,
I have a Cambo 8x10 that I would like to put in a backpack for on-foot travel. I know you're laughing right now, but it would be nice.

Sooo... The camera is 17"x17"x8 in it's smallest form & would like room for a few holders & a lens.

So any ideas? Camping, military, special hobby gear?


ps... I really can't afford a folding camera or I'd make that choice.

Richard Raymond
19-Jan-2010, 09:18
The problem is going to be the width. Most packs are only 13 or 14 inches wide to allow for arm swing clearance.
I would recommend getting a pack frame from someplace like Cabelas (may be in the hunting section) and lashing your current camera bag/holder to that. You could then get a rain cover or in your case probably a dust cover to put over the frame and your gear. These frames are designed to carry heavy loads with most of the weight on your hips. Keep the weight high so that there is a center weight line from the weight to hips to knees.
Good luck with this.

Ron McElroy
19-Jan-2010, 10:04
Back when I hauled a 4x5 monorail in the field, I keep the camera and all extras in it hardcase and strapped this on to a backpacking cargo frame. Other than the bulk of the case, this system work. I now use a field 4x5 and my 8x10 is an old Ansco that folds as well.

20-Jan-2010, 01:41
For sure, you will need a large backpack. I do not recommend a usual mountain backpack because the absence of protection and for sure you will need a lot protection on the mountains for your expensive gears.

For my equipment I use a large photo backpack, probably one of the largest backpack on the market, Lowepro Super Trekker AW II. You can see it here (http://www.amazon.com/Lowepro-Super-Trekker-Camera-Black/dp/B00009X49X).

My argumentation for this backpack is:

- big, and I mean quite big
- well sock protection
- in the price it's also included a second backpack for small trips or as an extender of the main backpack
- two external lens holder (one padded)
- very easy to customize
- weather protection (sun and rain) due to fabrics and zippers, but also for heavy weather it's included a cover
- very good for long trips due to special harness (like a pro mountain backpack)
- easy to handle
- looking good

- big !?!
- weight, but probably it's normal at this size
- price maybe (it worth in my opinion)

Frank Petronio
20-Jan-2010, 06:47
That baby jogger carriage and a Hefty bag is looking more practical to me....

falth j
20-Jan-2010, 09:02
Aside from the baby stroller, check with Bruce at photobackpacker, he may have just the backpack system for you.

What's more, his system is easily convertable to almost every other format you might have in mind.


John Schneider
20-Jan-2010, 09:35
I would recommend getting a pack frame from someplace like Cabelas (may be in the hunting section) and lashing your current camera bag/holder to that.

IMO this is the best option. Another way to go about it would be to get a LC-2 "Alice" pack frame and pack shelf from an army surplus store, and rest your camera bag on the shelf and lash it to the frame

largeformat apt
21-Jan-2010, 15:58
I have a cambo 810 myself. I found on flea bay an extender rail for mine. I then cut the rail of my other SCX 45 and made two short rails. The 810 rail is about 10 inches long. I can focus on inf. and down to about 60 feet. I then attach the rail and I can then go right in. This means I can still carry the camera, I have removed the 36 inch rail. I was looking for a pack as well, I will keep looking and let you know. If you wish for photos send me a PM.