View Full Version : Info on Romain Talbot brass lens?

Carsten Wolff
17-Jan-2010, 11:54
Hi, everyone,
I'm interested in buying a "20cm f8, Romain Talbot, Berlin" brass lens (I'd guess about 1890s) which is on offer for a reasonable price.

I don't have any possibly relevant Vade Mecum at hand, nor have I been able to find anything through a web-search, (apart from a few insights into the company; nothing lens-specific though), so any information about this lens would be appreciated. Thanks!

Steven Tribe
17-Jan-2010, 16:00
Yes, he gets a few lines. Just the usual, a retailer in Charlottenborg, Berlin. Labelled others' production. They only mention his later anastigmats. This will be a RR/aplanat for about 13x18cm. Sold cameras with his own name on them.