View Full Version : Lensboard for a CC400

Edward Kimball
30-Jan-2002, 09:29
I finally have most of the parts to start taking pictures. My new (to me) lens came in the mail yesterday and I discovered that the Copal 1 lensboard that came with my camera is actually a Copal 0 and too small. Let me preface my question with the fact that I am a cheap bastard. I know that I can get a new lensboard from Calumet but it cost almost the same amount as my lens did ($39.00 vs $41.0 0). Is it possible to enlarge the hole in my current lensboard? Is it a partic ularly good idea? Is there a place to get an inexpensive lens board?

Michael Kadillak
30-Jan-2002, 10:50
Thanks for being honest in your post. If you got a lens for that price and costs are really that much of a concern, I would enlarge the hole. The problem is going to be finding someone with the necessary tools that is willing to do it within your cost criteria. Expect to pay around $15 or give it a go yourself if you are mechanically inclined.

SK Grimes website has the size dimensions for a Copal 1 shutter.

Steve Grimes.
30-Jan-2002, 15:19
I routinely enlarge holes in lensboards to specific sizes for $15.00 plus return postage to you. Takes overnight in the shop. See: http://www.skgrimes.com/lensmount/shutmt/index.htm (http://www.skgrimes.com/lensmount/shutmt/index.htm) for more about this.

Steve Gangi
30-Jan-2002, 22:36
Answering as another cheap guy, you can make boards yourself out of wood or plastic, or scrap aluminum. Just something to keep in mind for the future. For the board you have now, you could send it out to be re-cut, or try doing it yourself with a Dremel tool. Just be advised that it is not that easy. These metal boards seem to be a bit rough on the bits, and the board will get hot if you try handholding it while you grind away. It will also take some time.

Edward Kimball
19-Feb-2002, 23:10
The shop at work was able to size the hole properly and the lens is mounted. A local forum member, Eric Boutilier-Brown is going to show me the ropes. When I have created something worth showing I will post it too the web.