View Full Version : My New Toy....can't wait

16-Jan-2010, 17:09
....Got this 4x5 Speed Graphic last week, Just got the new lens board wallowed out and the Lerebours et Secretan petzval (approx 150 mm) mounted this afternoon.. ........Whadya think ???????

16-Jan-2010, 17:24
It looks great. I have a nice Darlot mounted to my Anniversary Speed, but I found a starry night of pinholes in the shutter, so some restoration is in order. Post some pics when you can.

17-Jan-2010, 09:57
Barry PM on it's way about the shutter.

Looks fun Joseph my old Wray lens is fitted to a Thornton Pickard shutter for my Wista but I'm going to mount that on a Crown Graphic too.

Let us see the images


Alex Wei
21-Jan-2010, 11:21