View Full Version : Replacing a copal 0 'press' with copal 0 shutter

16-Jan-2010, 07:00
I have a Schneider Super Angulon 47mm f5.6 XL in a copal 0 'press' shutter. I want to swap the lens into a standard copal 0 shutter (to better fit into a recessed lens panel). Does anyone know if this is just a simple matter of switching the shutter, or is it more complicated? In particular, if the Copal 0 shutter I am switching to is from a longer lens (150mm) then will I need to replace the aperture scale?



Phil Hudson
16-Jan-2010, 07:22
Physically it is a straightfoward swap but you will certainly require a different set of aperture scales. At any given aperture the 47mm lens has a different opening diameter compared to a 150mm lens. Therefore aperture scales are specific to a particular focal length (although there may be some that are very close).

I did the opposite swap some years ago (into Copal Press) and to my surprise the optical performance was compromised - the edge sharpness was reduced. In the end I has to return it to Schneider for recalibrating. The thickness (ie cell spacing) of these 2 shutters is nominally the same but there may be some variation in practice. Schneider added some shims to correct the issue. It might have been to do with the slightly different position of the iris in these shutters introducing some optical problems. Maybe I just got unlucky with my particular transplant.

I would say to try it and see if the performance is still OK.

If everything looks how you would expect then order the right aperture scales from Schneider via Robert White (about 30 and 3-4 weeks at that time).