View Full Version : Strange Bellows Camera

Frank Thomas
10-Dec-1997, 18:15
I've been offered a large bellows camera (Argyle 18) that was left in an office building. It is mounted to a base on two rails and has knobs that move the rear of the camera or the lens forward and backward only. In front of the lens is a g lass covered frame that folds and locks either horizontally or vertically and ap pears to be for holding something to be copied. Someone said it is for enlarging and advertising but gave no details. It looks to me like a camera to photograph papers or posters to enlarge them. Is this thing worth anything or should I ref use it. He plans to trash it if I don't want it. It looks in good condition and has everything including lights mounted on each side of the frame.

Robert Miller
10-Jan-1998, 14:49
This sounds like a process camera. It works just as you described. It can be use d for enlarging or reducing the original item which is held in the copyboard (gl ass covered frame). Some people use these as a basis for making a large format e nlarger by adding a light source to the back, negative holder in place of the gr ound glass, etc. If it is complete, the lens is most likely to be the most valua ble part of whole camera.

Warren A. Rosborough, III
21-May-2001, 15:01
I have an Argyle 18 process camera with light bar. It was obtained when i purchased a small newspaper. They never used it. I would like to sell. Please contact me at wariii@hotmail.com